Saturday, January 28, 2006

May nakita akong kalabaw na tumatakbo.

It even looked as if it threw its head back and then went splashing along the rice fields. Straaaannggeeee...

Friday, January 27, 2006

baptism of fire

I had my first fieldtrip with my girls today. Well, actually yesterday. Honestly, it was one of the things I had been dreading for the longest time. Mainly because we were supposed to do outdoors-y stuff. And I am NOT an outdoors-y type of girl. Or so I thought. :)

We went to Tunay na Biak-na-Bato in San Miguel, Bulacan. Yup, fieldtrips nowadays are not the usual going to the museum, E.K., shopping kind of thing. The school hired Lakbay Kalikasan to sponsor all high school trips. Meaning they're all adventure-hiking-trekking-swimming-rappeling field trips. It scared the hell out of me, I swear.

When we got there, I was placed at the end of the line. That was expected since I was the adviser. What I didn't expect, though, was that I would really be THE last person at the end of the line. I expected some Lakbay Kalikasan guide to at least make sure all of us got safely into the caves!

Oh yes, CAVES. We went into five different caves. All of which looked impossible to get into, but somehow we all did. Some students started to get nervous so I tried walking ahead of them just to show that there was nothing to be worried about. Wrong move. I kept on slipping and clumsily trying to clutch everything in sight to hold on to dear life. (Hey give me a break, it had been raining all week and IT. WAS. MUDDY.) It was not a pretty sight, I tell you. So with poise, I turn back to my students and calmly tell them, "Ladies, what happens in Biak Na Bato stays in Biak Na Bato," and slowly make my way back to the end of the line.

Now, after all the trekking, river wading, slipping, falling, rappeling (oh yeah!), and a little bit more slipping, I actually had a good time. A great time in fact. :) It took every last ounce of my dignity to show my students that I actually knew what I was doing, but in the end, it was worth it. It always is. I had fun. And it looked like they did, too. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Things that made 2005

This may be a little late, but what the hey :)

1. ripe green mango shape
2. wendy's frosty (with rich choco plus cookie crisps)
3. mister kabab! (double chelo kabab, please)
4. beef garlic, beef topping, cititop fiesta
5. cereal na madaaaaming milk
6. tom yum at iba pang ulam from the thai canteen
7. kowloon bola-bola siopao
8. beef misono with extra rice and red iced tea
9. country style choco glazed donut
10. sbarro's baked ziti and spaghetti with meat sauce and extra parmesan cheese
11. tapa prince and tapa queen
12. kimchi!

1. getaway
2. megamill
3. st. francis square
4. metrowalk
5. circle c congressional
6. berkeley square
7. sm north
8. watson's
9. amorsoli
10. TMY! :)

1. We love Katamari!
2. Guitar Hero (I love rock and roll! *jeng jengk*)
3. Sonic the Hedgehog

1. all songs by hale! (oh yes, we are a HALE fan and proud of it.)
2. everything on those mp3 cds. we have everything from lou pardini to mariah carey to the eraserheads to those audio clips from ed wood to gary v. (well, that's not exactly a good range, but you get the idea.)
3. SONG OF THE YEAR: ewan ko by soapdish :)

Did I forget anything? I'll just keep adding to the list once I remember them. :)

Oh but wait!


Of course, what really, really, really made 2005 was you, monrock. *huggle*